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Stein Hospice Remains Dedicated to Providing a Safe and Comforting Environment to Patients and Families

Stein Hospice is dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized hospice care to patients experiencing a life-limiting illness and supporting their families. While the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has certainly required changes in precautionary measures, our mission has not changed.

There are a number of protocols and steps that Stein Hospice has implemented to ensure that our patients, their family members and our staff are all protected and comfortable at all times. We provide outpatient services in residences, independent living facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities — wherever the patient calls home. Because of this, we must also consider and abide by the precautions that are put in place at each location that we visit.

doctor and patient wearing surgical masksHere’s how we are adapting to the current public health crisis and ensuring the safety of our clients:

  • All staff must wear masks, gowns and foot coverings. Additional PPE is also available for use.
  • Staff must wash their hands for 20 seconds or more when entering a home or patient room and properly dispose of PPE at the facilities. They must wash hands on the way out.
  • Equipment is properly and frequently disinfected.
  • Additional materials are readily available so that staff can remain in compliance with the facilities that they are visiting (extra scrubs, face shields, gloves, etc.)
  • Staff does not enter the home office at Stein Hospice.  Supplies are delivered outdoors as to avoid cross contamination between staff members.

The precautions taken are not limited to clinical staff. Employees at the Stein Hospice office are also wearing masks, socially distancing and disinfecting common spaces at least three times a day. It is truly a team effort and one that the entire staff is taking seriously. As the state of the pandemic evolves, policies and safeguards will continue to be evaluated. The most important goal however, is to continue providing the greatest level of comfort and sense of emotional well-being possible for our patients and their families.

To learn more about Stein Hospice or the benefits of hospice care, please call (732) 227-1212 or email [email protected]

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