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Stein Assisted Living Implements Use of Sign-in Kiosks to Reduce Risk of COVID-19 Exposure

woman using touch screen sign-in kioskIn an ongoing response to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Stein Assisted Living has implemented the use of the Accushield Sign-in Kiosk to perform symptom screenings of staff and visitors alike upon entry into the building.

“The kiosks will track not only who is in the building and when, but will also aid in contact tracing relative to COVID-19,” says Bob Barry, President of the Wilf Campus for Senior Living. Should any abnormal symptoms or screening answers be flagged, the system will automatically alert the necessary managers. Replacing sign-in sheets, having a digital record of these occurrences will enable the facility to easily identify and contact those who were in the building at the time of possible exposure if necessary.

sign in kioskThe kiosk works by compiling results from a self-reported questionnaire. Screening questions include temperature, recent travel to coronavirus hot spots, contact information and more. The questions are customizable and can be updated should changes in screening questions be needed. There is also a touchless thermometer integrated into the device that works by simply scanning the forehead of the user. This feature will enable staff and visitors to practice better social distancing, instead of having temperature checks done manually. If the screening and temperature reading are completed within the acceptable parameters, visitors may then take a photo and have a visitor’s badge printed from the kiosk.

The implementation of this new technology will provide a heightened sense of security for the staff, residents, and visitors of Stein Assisted Living. The Wilf Campus for Senior living has also installed the Accushield kiosks in the Education and Resource Center and Wilentz Senior Residence – the two other buildings on site. Data from each of these stations is interconnected, but distinguishable, so that visitors may seamlessly sign in at the different locations. The sign-in procedure will remain in effect until it is no longer deemed necessary. In addition to the many other efforts that the Wilf Campus is making to combat the spread of coronavirus, the organization hopes that this new addition will promote health and safety in its community.

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