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The Benefits Of Video Games For Seniors

Video Games For SeniorsVideo and computer games are not only for younger generations—they actually hold a lot of benefits for mature adults! Video games are a great way to stay entertained and have fun, but they can also have positive impacts on your cognitive and physical health. Here’s why seniors should consider playing video games:

Improved Memory

Playing video games involves keeping your mind engaged, stimulated and active, which enhances brain health. This can have a positive long-term impact on your brain’s cognitive functions, such as improved memory and the ability to pay attention.

Reduced Depression

After playing video games for an hour each week, seniors have been reported to be in a more positive mood and are less likely to feel lonely. Video games are fun to play on your own, but they also give older adults more opportunities for socialization.

Better Balance

Another great benefit of video games for older adults is better balance and reflexes. Since balance is affected by your brain health, many seniors who played brain-training games were found to be able to stand up and walk faster. This will help in preventing falls!

Preserved Vision

First-person target games are actually great for preserving and improving vision. This is because players are moving their eyes quickly to track movement and react to sudden changes. This is especially helpful for seniors with cataracts and those who already suffer vision loss.

Video games offer plenty of benefits for seniors and they’re fun! Residents at Stein Assisted Living and Wilentz Senior Residence love to play Wii Bowling, among the other activities we offer. For more information, contact us at (732) 568-1155 or [email protected].

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