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Evanna TchirMeet Evanna Tchir, Wilf Campus’s new Exercise Physiologist with Fox Rehabilitation!

Evanna Tchir joined the Fox Rehabilitation team in May 2015, where she conducts their Strength, Mobility, and Balance Class at assisted living facilities in central New Jersey including the program at Stein Assisted Living.

Residents at the Wilf Campus for Senior Living reap the benefits of this unique class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00-11:00 AM. Non-residents of the assisted living are also invited to participate after they receive an evaluation from Fox Rehabilitation.

“This class is much more than your ordinary seated exercise routine, we get the residents up and moving to the best of their ability,” explains Evanna.

I complete a functional outcome measurement test which includes four tests to determine strength and balance for all members of the class. These tests also help indicate residents who are more likely to have falls.

“I collect the data from the tests and compare how well each resident did at the beginning of the six weeks and then after,” notes Evanna. “With that in mind, I determine how well the exercises are working for the group and change the routine dependent on that.”

“The idea is that with regular attendance, members become stronger and their balance becomes better and it can be quantified by these tests as well as a reported decrease in falls,” she adds.

The feedback Evanna receives from the residents before or after the Strength, Mobility, and Balance class is considered the most rewarding part of her job because they always relate to her how they are improving.

“It’s my goal to make every member feel this way,” says Evanna, who personally keeps active with hiking, road trips and do-it-yourself projects.

Prior to joining the Fox team, Evanna studied exercise science and minored in psychology at Rutgers University. During her studies, she completed a number of internships in various rehabilitation settings, mainly in physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation.

During her senior year at Rutgers, Evanna served as a teaching assistant for a course called “Exercise and Aging” during which she taught the students about exercise and went out into the community to speak to residents at assisted living facilities about the importance of exercise.

“My grandmother inspired me to become a member in this field when she became suddenly ill,” explains Evanna. “I was very young, but going to visit her in the hospital and then nursing home was very comfortable to me.”

She continues, “I remember going around to other residents and talking and playing games with them. Working with older adults is my favorite population. They have so many stories to tell and those who are eager to become better or maintain physical function is truly inspiring.”

“Exercise is such a fun and exciting way to stay physically active,” says Evanna. “There’s a huge social aspect to exercise too, especially in the Strength, Mobility, and Balance class. We form the class in a circle for a reason, so the members can see each other and talk. That’s why I love our class at Stein Assisted Living; the residents are chatting before and after class and they really engage during the class.”

To learn more about these classes contact Evanna at [email protected] or call Stein Assisted Living at 732-568-1155.

The Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living is comprised of Stein Assisted Living, Jaffa Gate Memory Care Neighborhood at Stein Assisted Living, Stein Hospice, Wilentz Senior Residence, Wilf Transport, Wilf At Home, and The Foundation at the Wilf Campus. For more information, contact us at (732) 568-1155, [email protected] or visit us at

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