Yeong Bae

Executive Director, Stein Hospice

Yeong Bae joined Stein Hospice as its Executive Director in September. He is a social worker and a Presbyterian minister, and has been directing hospice programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey since 2008. Prior to that, he had a long career in child welfare services, overseeing foster care and adoption services in NYC and in Pennsylvania.

His loves are his family, sports, the outdoors and DIY projects. Yeong is married to his wife, Wonjae, and they have two young boys, William and Harrison. At Stein Hospice, he enjoys spending time with team members: listening, seeking understanding, and building strong relationships with colleagues and friends. Yeong hopes to lead an expansion of Stein’s services in a variety of ways and deepening of Stein’s services in the Jewish tradition of hospitality and compassion.