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Stein Assisted Living: Transitional Care

In addition to our secure Memory Care community, Stein Assisted Living offers a separate transitional care program for individuals who are showing mild or early signs of memory loss or dementia but are not yet ready to move into our secure care unit. Residents in this program receive a comprehensive assessment by a physician in our Transitional Unit, specializing in geriatric care with a focus on dementia and memory loss. Residents have their own specialized area within our Assisted Living building. There are dedicated specially trained staff, including Dementia Trained and Certified Home Health Aide/Certified Nursing Assistant and a resident engagement coordinator.

Recognizing that dementia and memory loss have many causes, our Transitional care program focuses on meeting each resident’s unique needs early in the progression of their symptoms and providing them with care and engagement as they move smoothly and gradually into memory care if/when needed.

Our dedicated and compassionate team are specially trained, certified, and well-versed in the challenges associated with all forms of dementia and memory loss. They are dedicated to creating an environment that is focused on caring for each resident’s mind, spirit, and body.

Most importantly, no matter their cognitive ability, our program allows our residents to age in place in their home at Stein Assisted Living with dignity, respect, and compassionate care.

At Stein Assisted Living, we embrace the Eden Alternative philosophy of care, which is focused on the care of the human mind and spirit in addition to the care of the human body.


Our staff utilizes innovative and specialized programs that help stimulate and promote progress and cognitive development, while supporting our residents’ changing needs, memory loss and sensory impairment. Each program is individualized and is tailored to each resident’s cognitive ability. It includes music therapy and the latest technologies.


We believe that loneliness and boredom are destructive to an individual’s well-being. We therefore strive to create an atmosphere where our residents feel part of a caring and
inclusive community, where no matter their cognitive ability, they are provided with companionship, understanding, and holistic healing therapies. We also provide spiritual care in accordance with our residents’ beliefs. Our staff truly gets to know each resident and their life story and help provide meaning and purpose to each day.

When designing our Transitional Care Neighborhood, details down to the paint color on the walls were thoughtfully selected in order to create a soothing atmosphere for our residents. Above left, our Transitional Care garden. Above right, common space.


Whether a resident is showing early signs of memory loss or is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, our geriatric team of doctors, and specially trained nurses, aides and clinicians regularly conduct medical and cognitive evaluations to ensure that the resident is receiving the care he or she needs at their home at Stein Assisted Living. Our staff are here to respond to our residents’ changing needs and provide the best possible care, which includes a fitness program based on each resident’s ability levels.

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