Stein Hospice welcomes volunteers who want to share their time, energy and talents with our hospice patients and their families, or in support of our professional staff. All Stein Hospice volunteers receive training in hospice philosophy, policies and procedure as well as the tasks appropriate to their role.

Many meaningful volunteer positions are available:

  • As companions, volunteers visit patients and families wherever they live- private homes, assisted living facilities or nursing homes- to offer knowledgeable, caring companionship to patients, and/or respite to family and caregivers.
  • Bereavement support given by volunteers is done under supervision of the Bereavement Coordinator in our Somerset, NJ office.  Mailing letters, organizing our memorial services, making therapeutic phone calls and visits- are all ways you can help us take care of families for the first 13 months of bereavement.
  • Office Support is needed for special projects on a short term and ongoing basis to assist our professional staff. This includes computer work, copying, collating and filing and other tasks as needed in our Somerset, NJ office.
  • Professional and Complementary Care can be provided to patients and staff by volunteers who are already trained to be doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, aides, massage therapists, aroma therapists, art therapy or in other therapies. Proof of training is required.
  • Chicken Soup Project Volunteers organize a group of people to cook soup that they or Stein Hospice staff deliver to patients and families. If you have access to a kosher kitchen under rabbinic supervision, please contact us at (732) 227-1212 for more information.
  • Soup Delivery Volunteers train as companion volunteers, call our patients and families living at home to take orders, and make soup deliveries to brighten their day with soup and a smile!
  • Tuck In Volunteers make phone calls to our patients at home to check in on them and make sure they are feeling secure and well cared for. Scripted questions are provided.
  • Pet Therapy Volunteers make short visits to our patients to bring a joyful furry kind of companionship. Proof of training, up to date vaccinations and license are required for the pet. The owner must be trained as a companion volunteer.
  • Vigil volunteers commit to being with patients in their last day and hours of life. With additional training, these volunteers are capable of supporting patients and families through the process of last farewells. Vigil volunteers should be available for several hours in a row and may work evenings and weekends.

Volunteers must complete an application, provide references, and meet all health screening requirements.  A background check is also mandatory.

If you are interested in applying to become a volunteer with Stein Hospice, please fill out the form below and our Volunteer Service Manager will contact you.