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Wilf Campus Announces Partnership with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Wilf Campus Announces Partnership with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
 For New Transitional Care Neighborhood at Stein Assisted Living

The Wilf Campus for Senior Living has announced a new partnership with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School’s Divisions of Geriatrics and General Internal Medicine, for the Wilf Campus’ new comprehensive memory care program at Stein Assisted Living. The Wilf Campus previously announced the expansion of its Memory Care program this past August. The expansion included the addition of a new Transitional Care Neighborhood for individuals who are exhibiting mild or early signs of memory loss or dementia but are not yet ready to move into a full Memory Care program. Stein Assisted Living already operates a secure Memory Care unit, which offers 24-hour supervision by specially trained staff.

“The partnership with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School will bring focused and individualized medical consultative oversight and expertise in evidence-based care for our residents,” said Jean Leone, Wilf Campus’ Vice President of Operation/Clinical Compliance Officer and Stein Assisted Living Administrator. She added that the initial focus will be for individuals experiencing increased memory loss, early signs of dementia, those residing in the Transitional Care Neighborhood at Stein Assisted Living, and those with advanced dementia residing in Stein Assisted Living’s secure neighborhood.

According to Leone, “our staff at Stein Assisted Living believes that each of our residents is unique and therefore, their journey is also unique.” Whether they are experiencing mild memory loss or are no longer able to properly take care of themselves, each resident has their own individualized plan of care and is supported by the facility’s specially trained staff. The plan of care is regularly evaluated to ensure that we are meeting the changing needs of our residents.

Recognizing that dementia and memory loss have many causes, Stein Assisted Living’s Transitional Care Neighborhood will focus on meeting each resident’s unique needs early in the progression of their symptoms and providing focused interventions and engagement as they move smoothly and gradually into memory care if or when needed.

Dr. Karthik Kota, an Assistant Professor at the medical school, is excited to coordinate with the Wilf Campus clinical team behind a vision of helping older adults age gracefully in place. Dr. Kota feels that “the collaboration between the medical school and Wilf will ensure care for the older adults in an evidence-based manner with opportunities for research in the management of Complex Geriatric Syndromes.”

With the new partnership, the medical school faculty will oversee residents’ comprehensive geriatric and dementia assessment and collaborate with the primary physician. They will also hold ongoing dementia wellness assessments with families. Additionally, in partnership with the Stein Assisted Living’s administrator, medical director and nursing staff, Rutgers will provide education and training to staff, policy reviews, advisement in dementia care policies, as well as quality assurance and performance improvement.

Through this partnership, Stein Assisted Living will also be offering ongoing presentations on cognitive impairment topics. Medical school faculty will be on-site at Stein Assisted Living on an ongoing basis to conduct assessments and identify those individuals who may be appropriate for clinical trials in dementia and non-related fields.

The Wilf Campus is committed to providing education on cognitive impairment topics to the general community. The Campus will also be developing and offering support groups on-site at the Wilf Campus.

Leone stressed that the new transitional program, combined with the medical school partnership, will further the organization’s mission of allowing its residents to age in place in their home at Stein Assisted Living, with dignity, respect, and compassionate care, regardless of their cognitive ability.

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