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Myth #2: Where Can You Receive Hospice Care?

Wilf Hospice Myth 2
Hospice patients are eligible to receive hospice care wherever they feel most comfortable. Some Stein Hospice patients choose to receive services in their home. But services can be provided wherever someone lives (assisted living, nursing home, etc.).

The most important message we convey is the right to choose where they would like to spend the last months of their life. Hospice services are not only available in a licensed facility; they are available to anyone who chooses to remain in their home.

When patients and their families are at the point of needing Hospice services they are at a very vulnerable state in their life. During this time, stress can be at an all-time high. Rest assured your loved one is in loving, gentle hands at Stein Hospice.

To learn more about Stein Hospice please contact Bruce Birnberg, LCSW, Executive Director, at (732) 227-1212 or email [email protected].

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