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When Is The Right Time To Start Making Decisions ?

Wilf Decisions For Aging ParentsBecoming a caretaker and making decisions for your aging parent can be difficult. We often question when is the right time to transition the control of decision-making from your loved one to yourself.

Experts suggest observing how your parents are functioning cognitively and emotionally in their current situation. Try asking yourself these following questions to determine if your parent is still capable of making decisions:

  • Are they forgetting to pay bills or paying them multiple times?
  • Are they not able to manage the various medications that have been prescribed?
  • Are you worried about your parent’s ability to drive and/or has he or she been involved in accidents recently?
  • Are they becoming increasingly isolated and no longer enjoying or participating in their favorite activities?
  • Have you traveled in a car with your parents and witnessed they are not as aware as they should be when driving?
  • Was your parent a meticulous housekeeper, but now their apartment looks cluttered and dusty?
  • Has either of your parents lost weight recently?

If you’ve answered yes to several of the above questions, it is time consider becoming the primary decision-maker for your loved one. Delaying this decision can result in harmful consequences for your parent and anyone they come into contact with.

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