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Trial stays or a respite stay in an assisted living residence, can help to alleviate some of the stress associated with providing care to a loved one. The caregiver can take some time for his or herself, knowing that the family member will be safe and secure. Respite or trial stays can also be used as an intermediate step following a hospital admission, giving a loved one more time to recuperate before they are ready to return home alone. Assisted living respite care provides meals, housekeeping, nursing care and therapy if needed, as well as recreational and spiritual care.

Seniors often hesitate about making the move to assisted living resident because they fear the unknown. A respite stay provides a much needed trial period so they can assess a new living situation and take the first step toward making the change. A respite stay of two to four weeks can help reduce the anxiety of moving to a new home.  The senior can get to know the other residents, the staff, and get the “feel” of the place, including the food and day-to-day routine. Knowing that they are not making a long term commitment encourages the senior to give it a try and to feel like he or she is part of the decision making process. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see if assisted living is a good fit, and the respite stay often becomes a long term solution, benefitting the senior, as well as the caregiver.

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