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Major Study Questions Aggressive Cancer Treatment

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Benefit of End-Stage Chemotherapy Is Questioned

by: Pam Belluck

It is an excruciating question for cancer patients with a prognosis of only months to live. Should they try another round of chemotherapy?

Guidelines for oncologists say no for very sick patients, those who are often bedridden and cannot handle most daily needs themselves. But for patients who are more self-sufficient, chemotherapy is considered a reasonable option. Despite its well-known toxic side effects, many end-stage patients and their doctors have considered chemotherapy worth trying, believing it may ease discomfort or buy time.

Now, a study suggests that even those stronger patients may not benefit from end-of-life chemotherapy — and that for many, their quality of life may worsen in their final weeks compared with patients who forgo last-ditch treatment.

Source: New York Times

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