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Written by: Michelle Diano 

Mickey Mintz SkypingAccentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. That is the credo of Miriam (Mickey) Mintz, a resident at Stein Assisted Living in Somerset, who celebrated her 100th birthday on June 18, 2015.

Maintaining such a forward-thinking perspective is one of the secrets to longevity, believes Mickey, who also feels she inherited good genes and instincts to guide her through life.

A Brooklyn native, Mickey worked as an office administrator before marrying her husband, Eli, who enjoyed a flourishing career working in a laboratory as a biochemist.

They purchased a house in West Hempstead, NY, to raise their children and lived there for 30 years before moving to an apartment in Great Neck, NY.

The couple was married for 70 years before Eli passed away on November 25, 2013. They have two children, Jesse Mintz and Liz Nadel, as well as six grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

A kind man with a good sense of humor, Eli met Mickey at a friend’s house. He was in the Army for five years, although she did not know him during the entire time of his military service.

“It was truly sad for me when he would go overseas,” recalled Mickey, who called their marriage and the life they built together as “the best part of my life.”

Mickey would travel all over Israel and Europe, visiting Israel quite often because her daughter Liz, now retired, served a chief librarian of the University of Tel Aviv library.

She found all of the places in Israel to be enjoyable. Her favorite places in Europe are London, Paris and Belgium.

When asked about what memories have stood out the most to her during her life, she responded, “Every time a grandchild was born was special to me.”

She added that her parents were wonderful, smart people who had a large impact on her life today. They made sure that she and her siblings, Harry and Charlotte, had wonderful lives.

And, while most folks don’t think that senior citizens are eager to adapt to new technologies and use computer applications eagerly, Mickey is an exception to that perception.

In the picture above, Mickey is skyping with family members during a special holiday gathering. Mickey used Skype as a virtual way of attending events with family members who were at Liz’s and Josh’s house in Israel for Seder.

“It’s amazing to be able to Skype,” she shared. “I watched a whole Seder during the day even though there was a seven-hour difference. It is amazing to be able to talk to them although they are so far away.

Keeping in touch frequently with her children also keeps the young-at-heart Mickey on her toes. “Liz calls on the phone almost every day and Jesse lives close and comes to visit very often,” she said.

As she reflects on her life, Mickey said she is most proud that she has lived by another credo: that it is important to help others.

“You should be there for others and care for them,” she said, adding that she has passed that lesson on to her children.

“Liz went to Israel and stayed there to help others as a librarian and Jesse is a doctor, so he naturally helps others too,” explained Mickey.

When asked what advice she would give to the younger generations, she advised that they place value on building, keeping and maintaining friendships.

“Working hard and keeping socially busy is also important,” she added.

Regarding her life at Stein Assisted Living, where she has lived since 2013 Mickey shared, “The staff and the aids are very nice. They are always very concerned about the residents and caring toward others.”

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