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Assisted living arrangements include an array of services and amenities in a home like atmosphere . Assisted Living, services include three meals a day and assistance with medication management , dressing , bathing, and reminders depending on the needs of the resident. Services are geared to keep all residents as independent as possible and offer them choices.

It is normal to feel hesitant or overwhelmed when choosing the proper Assisted Living for your loved one, as it is a challenging task requiring both time, patience and effort.

When seeking Assisted Living for a loved one you may be thinking:

How can I trust that my loved one will be fully and properly cared for?
What will my loved one’s quality of life be like?
Will my loved one’s independence be encouraged?
How do I know that the staff truly has my loved one’s best interest at heart?

To help ease what can sometimes be the daunting task of choosing Assisted Living, consider the following questions to determine if it is the proper fit for you and your family:

1. What are the training requirements for the staff who will be overseeing the care of my loved one? And what is the staff turnover rate?

2. Who will supervise the standard of care provided/ensure moral responsibility?

3. What types of care are offered?

• Is 24-hour assistance provided?
• Will there always be a nurse available on staff?
• Will transportation be provided for medical appointments and activities?

4. What are the services and amenities available?

• Personal care – such as dressing, eating, hygiene, etc.
• Administration of medication.
• Is regular housekeeping provided?
• Will my loved one’s specific dietary needs be addressed?
• Is there a secure Memory Care area if my loved ones needs increase?

5. Are visits with residents welcome at any time?

6. What kind of recreational services are encouraged?

• Are in-house recreational activities provided?
• Are there scheduled events to attend?
• Is participation offered for Community Events?

When entering an Assisted Living, keep in mind the ambiance of the environment. Is this a space in which you and your family members feel comfortable? Are there activities that your loved one will participate in, and do the residents seem to be enjoying themselves? Do they socialize? Can you talk with others about how they like the staff and environment? Do the surroundings and people seem appropriate for your loved one?

Consider bringing your loved one for lunch and a program or when its possible a short-term trial stay for two weeks to one month.

While there is a lot to keep in mind when searching for the right assisted living facility, nothing will compare to the feeling of security and comfort in knowing your loved one is receiving the care needed, and deserved. We would be happy to assist you with further questions. Feel free to contact Stein Assisted Living online, or call us directly at (732) 568-1155.

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