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When one experiences the death of a loved one, many different emotions and feelings will arise. These various emotions ebb and flow, come and go in waves, leaving the grieving person perplexed and confused.  For many, this can lead to questions of whether or not these feelings are normal,  or if one is struggling abnormally with the grief and mourning for the loved one’s death. These questions can often lead to a profound sense of sadness and loneliness.  There is a sense that nobody understands, nobody can relate to all the things one is feeling and thinking.  Yet, the same person experiencing the loneliness of grief is also searching to find others who are in a similar situation.

To help make sense of their grieving and too feel less isolated with their feelings, many will seek out the help of a bereavement support group.  Safe places to reflect on the challenges one is facing the new reality of life without the deceased and a place of healing.  Support groups are intimate settings to elicit confidential conversation and sharing with a goal of helping each member find new and continued meaning in life.

While each support group will take on a character its own, these are some general ways that they can be of support to the members.

  • Groups first and foremost dispel the sense of isolation and loneliness that often accompanies grief and loss.
  • Groups provide for emotional, physical, and spiritual support in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.
  • Groups allow people the ability to explore their many thoughts and feelings about grief with compassion and empathy
  • Groups foster the ability for the bereaved to both give and receive support from each other
  • Groups create a trusting environment outside of the daily, seemingly uncaring world around
  • Groups and their members educate one another on coping strategies for those times that are increasing difficult, such as holidays and special occasions.

For information on Bereavement Support Groups call Stein Hospice at 732-227-1212.  The Stein Hospice support group meets on Tuesday January 10th at 4pm at Stein Hospice, 49 Veronica Ave, Suite 206,Somerset,NJ 08873


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