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Home for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and along with them the desire to spend time with family, share apples and honey for a sweet new year or be together at a break-the-fast. These family gatherings can be wonderful times to reconnect and create lasting memories, but hosting elderly family members may require special considerations. It is best to be prepared to ensure a good time for all!

Be Realistic

Maybe mom or dad isn’t getting around as nimbly as they did in the past. While visiting your home may be a special treat for them, there may also be hurdles. How easy is it for them to get in and out of your home? Are there steps to navigate? Are the bathroom facilities accessible? You may need to make some special arrangements for a visit, such as arranging for an especially comfy chair or assisting with mobility around the house. Keep the length of the visit reasonable to ensure comfort for everyone.

Make it Fun

A family gathering at the holidays is the perfect time to share pictures your loved ones haven’t seen or show off your most recent home improvement, house project or artistic endeavor. If there are children and/or grandchildren around, even better – let them share their most recent school project or aced spelling test! Of course no Jewish holiday is complete without great food, so make sure to have some family favorites in keeping with any dietary restrictions.

Treasure the Moments

A little planning can help the holidays go smoother but try not to set yourself up for disappointment by aiming for perfection. Do your best to stay relaxed and enjoy the time together. If it is too difficult to bring family members to your home, bring holiday celebrations, foods and traditions to them. Wherever you choose to bring family together, try to savor the moment and take photographs to have as keepsakes. The Jewish holidays afford a wonderful opportunity to celebrate good times as a family. Let it be a time when you can feel good about what you have been able to do for and with each other.

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