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A Healthy Heart Means A Healthy Brain

Wilf Campus Dementia CareOver the years, studies have shown the close relationship between a healthy heart and brain function. The brain needs a healthy heart and healthy blood vessels to provide the proper blood supply to keep brain cells functioning well. What is good for your heart is also good for your brain—understanding this can help you lower the risk factor of dementia in you and your family.

A recent study out of Iceland looked into the relation between the range of heart function and brain function. A significant association between cardiac dysfunction and low brain volume in older adults was found. The relation between cardiac function and brain health develop gradually overtime, which suggests that doing what can be done to maximize cardiac function in older adults can reduce their risk of dementia. Older adults must be aware of mild changes in their heart health and be monitored for changes in their brain function if these changes should occur. Consider earlier treatment for symptoms of dementia if heart function does begin to fall.

Many studies have been done on the effect that blood pressure medication might have on reducing dementia risk. A new review study took a look at close to 40 published studies on the subject. The study found that these drugs could be of use in preventing the loss of cognitive function. This suggests that managing blood pressure with medication, along with lifestyle changes, can significantly decrease a person’s chances of having dementia.

Great strides are being made toward lowering the chances of us, or our loved ones, experiencing cognitive loss. If you have an older adult under your care, make sure you monitor changes in their heart health in order to know whether or not treatment for dementia is necessary.

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