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Easy Crafts For Seniors

Boredom is a frequent complaint amongst older adults—being unable to enjoy the activities they once loved can be difficult. Crafting presents a solution to such problems. There are so many benefits to creative arts for seniors:

  • encouraging social interactionsEasy Crafts For Seniors
  • a new and enjoyable way to pass time
  • keeping the mind sharp and stimulated
  • exercising fingers and hands

Aging can bring limitations, but there are many crafts that older adults with limited dexterity, low vision and other physical or cognitive restrictions can enjoy. If you or a loved one are looking for a way to spend time and get creative, try some of these easy crafts:

Polymer Clay: Great for those with limited dexterity. Use this material to create bookmarks, beads, picture frames and more.

Braiding: Cutting materials into strips of whatever size is easiest for the individual older adult to grasp and braid. Glue or sew the braided strips together to create rugs, place mats, hot pads, etc.

Collaging: Cut up photos of family or from magazines and paste them in a collage on construction paper, along with stickers and other materials. Create a scrapbook or even a card.

Painting Pottery: Paint a mug or bowl for their own use or a gift for a loved one!

Models & Kits: Depending on the limitations of the individual, putting together and decorating projects such as birdhouses or model cars are great crafting options.

Crafts are a great way for older adults to enjoy creativity and feel a sense of accomplishment with each project. At Wilf Campus, we provide our residents with a multitude of activities, including creative art classes and workshops. For more information, contact us at (732) 568-1155 or [email protected].

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