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Culinary Creations Program

Matzo Ball Making

In case you missed it, residents put their aprons on and had the opportunity to cook matzo ball soup last month! This mouth-watering dish only contained a few simple ingredients and residents were able to add their own hand-rolled matzo balls into the broth.

Matzah (or matzo) balls are soup dumplings made from matzo meal, eggs, and other ingredients. The residents of Stein Assisted Living brought forth their many years of expertise and old family traditions to teach the Department of Resident Engagement Staff some tips and tricks for making the perfect matzo ball soup.

HISTORY: The matzo ball, also called a kneidel in Yiddish, is a common food item in many Jewish families all year long, but it is especially popular during the Passover holiday. The matzo ba

ll appears to be a fairly conventional innovation that dates to some point in the 19th century, though its precise origins are unknown.

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