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Common Assisted Living Myths

Assisted Living MythsWhen trying to make decisions regarding your parent’s senior living care, there are many options to choose from. As you do your research and talk to people you know, you might come across some myths regarding assisted living communities.

Here at Wilf Campus, we want to make sure you get your facts straight, so we’ve debunked some assisted living myths:

Myth: Assisted Living Communities Take Away Your Privacy & Independence

Truth: Most senior living communities work hard to empower individuals and be sure to help them maintain their independence. At Stein Assisted Living we are sure to provide our residents with the care that they need without overstepping boundaries. We work with the families to make sure we meet the personal, medical and spiritual needs of our residents. The older adults who reside at our assisted living facilities have the option of living in a private or shared apartment, which allows them to maintain the privacy they need.

Myth: Assisted Living Means You Have To Give Up Hobbies

Truth: Studies have shown that living in a senior living community has actually increased residents’ activity level. There are plenty of assisted living activities for these seniors to choose from, whether they enjoy exercise, crafting, cooking, dancing, or anything in between. These activities and events give older adults the chance to try something new and meet new people.

Myth: Moving To Assisted Living Means Spending Less Time With Family

Truth: At Wilf Campus, we encourage family members to visit and spend time with their loved ones that reside in our assisted living facilities. The transition to assisted living can be daunting, but visitation can make it go smoother and make residents feel at home much faster. We understand that frequent visits are not always an option and having your senior family member living in a safe and supportive community will put your mind at ease.

Myth: All Assisted Living Facilities Are The Same

Truth: Not all senior living communities are the same, so make sure you choose the right one. Stein Assisted Living at Wilf Campus is equipped with a supportive and professional staff that is available 24/7, plenty of amenities and activities to choose from and cozy living quarters. We meet the needs of all of our residents, making sure they are always comfortable.

For more information about our assisted living services, contact our senior care specialist at (732) 568-1155, [email protected] or visit us at

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