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Collage Art Brings Residents Together

Vicki Newman is a resident at Wilentz Senior Residence. She is very friendly and has shown a creative and artistic flair. She enjoys doing puzzles and even displays them in her room along the walls. One of her favorite hobbies is taking photos, and she has recently created a beautiful collage called “The Faces of Wilentz.” This collage represents every member of Wilentz Residence including staff, residents and many family members, as well as the lovely pets that live in the building. “The Faces of Wilentz” is now on display in the Wilentz Lobby.

What made you think of doing a photo collage?

I have always loved taking pictures. I love people, especially the ones who live at Wilentz with me, along with the great staff. I enjoy doing puzzles and the idea of doing a photo collage brought all of that together in a beautiful and fun way.

Vickie Newman and Marnie Kean

What do you like about making collages?

I’ve always enjoyed being creative and artistic so making collages is a fun hobby for me. It was exciting to talk to all of the other residents and, as a result I got to know almost everyone by name in the building and enjoyed meeting new friends that I did not know before. I enjoyed hearing all of their stories and what they had to say about themselves, their families and friends. I tried to incorporate a lot of their stories in the collage, for example how some people like to dance and others sing.

What are the other residents saying about the collage?

Everyone was more than happy to be included! The residents were so thankful to be a part of this collage project and are very excited to see their pictures displayed next to their spouses and friends. I have noticed a lot of the residents coming by to look at themselves and others in the collage, and I take great pride in showing it to people.

How often did you work on the collage and how much time did it take?

I worked on the collage for several months. I would cut and trim the photos at night and work on placement and pasting during the day. Every time I went by it I worked on it! Working on it has really come from the heart!

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