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Do Brain Games Really Work?

Leading researchers in the field of brain science have come forward recently to announce that there may be limited value of so called “brain games” – and specifically the commercially available digital brain games which have become increasingly popular, such as Lumosity.

The digital brain fitness industry has grown by leaps and bounds and many products claim that the games are premised on actual neuroscience. However, a closer look at the market shows the boom in brain games is driven by consumer demand and profits, not science.

Sadly the research just isn’t there. To date, studies of brain gaming have been small, experimental, and have not demonstrated any real or meaningful impact on long-term dementia risk. While these exercises may have some benefit for the everyday maintenance of intellectual skills, the science is still too young to support that these programs make any difference beyond that, or have value for people with memory or dementia challenges.

And it’s not just one or two scientists who are putting on the breaks – it’s the scientific community at large and this includes the organization Total Brain Health®, who provides evidence-based memory programs designed to promote better memory and long-term brain fitness for everyone and especially seniors. Total Brain Health® strategies are taught in in our popular Total Memory Workout series for the New Jersey public. So they’re an organization worth listening to.

While there is no evidence that brain games do harm, it’s a good reminder to look for the science in any health trend. There are many proven steps that can be taken to stay sharp and lower your risk for memory loss, so why not start focusing on those instead? Contact us about enrolling in our 2015 Total Memory Workout program – a series of fun and educational sessions offered throughout the year to keep you and your loved one sharp and focused. Classes start January 2015!

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