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Board Member Spotlight: Paula Masciulli, President of the Foundation

Paula MasciulliFor this month’s board member spotlight, we spoke with our Wilf Campus Foundation board president, Paula Masciulli, to discuss her role and visions for the future of our campus.

Paula has been a member of the Wilf Campus board for 18 years. After spending time getting to know the campus and its needs, Paula was invited to become the president of the Foundation after her first year. The Foundation of the Wilf Campus is the fundraising entity of our organization. Through its efforts and the support of its contributors, the Foundation funds events, programs and services that serve seniors and their families in our community.

Now retired, Paula worked as a paralegal for many years – primarily conducting mediation in civil court. “I really loved working in the court system. It taught me how to listen and have an open mind. I am definitely a peacemaker,” Paula shared. From this experience, she brings a clear-headed logic to the board of trustees.

Throughout her time as Foundation president, Paula has been an essential decision maker in approving underwriting for various gifts and programs at the Wilf Campus. Namely, the Foundation underwrites holiday gifts for every single resident and patient who is a member of the campus each year. Additionally, the Foundation has secured funds for larger scale events. “The trip to Israel that was organized for our residents a few years ago was definitely a highlight of my time here. It took a year in planning – with one-to-one assignments for each resident who participated. It was really great that we were able to do that for them,” Paula recalled.

After helping build the rich history of the campus over the years, Paula is now focusing on completing the next set of goals for the campus. Recently, the Foundation hosted a performance by Emmy Award winning mentalist Oz Pearlman – an event that garnered great reception from attendees. Next, they are planning a guest-lecture series for the campus that will hopefully become annual. The Foundation is “working on more programs that will promote the campus and open it up to the surrounding community.”

Paula and parents

Paula (center) with her parents, Stein Assisted Living residents Harriet and Sandy, at a Family Appreciation Day.

Outside of her role on the board, Paula enjoys spending her free time reading, traveling, watching films and is an avid cook. Most of all, she enjoys collecting and learning about wine.

Additionally, Paula’s parents are residents of Stein Assisted Living, a decision that Paula says was a, “No brainer. I didn’t look anywhere else when deciding on a new place for them to live. That’s how much confidence I had in Stein Assisted Living and their staff.” With new programs and changes on the way at the Wilf Campus – the campus hopes to exceed the standards currently held by its residents and family members.

“Our organization is entering a new age and I’m excited about the opportunities that our new agencies and programs will provide. I’m sure the Foundation will be called upon to assist, and we will be ready to rise to the occasion in this new era.” – Paula Masiculli

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