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Exercise Can Improve Brain Health

Wilf Campus Exercise Benefits BrainThere are plenty of benefits for older adults that come from physical activity. Some of these advantages include better balance, decreased joint pain and even improved brain health.

Research shows that getting at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week and maintaining a healthy body weight are two major factors for maintaining a healthy brain. Older adults who regularly participate in physical activity are known to improve their memory and preserve their overall cognitive function.

Aging slows down the birth of new brain cells, causing the brain tissue to shrink. Aerobic fitness has been proven to significantly increase brain volume in adults aged 60-79 years old. Cardio boosts blood flow to the brain, which delivers some much-needed oxygen.

Exercise can actually change the way senior’s brains process info, making the brain more adaptable. This can slow the development of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline. In a recent study, a group of people aged 55-80 who did regular exercise performed four times better on cognitive test than those who did not.

Fitness also fights depression and anxiety, which are known to age the brain and slow its ability to process info. Exercise increases the body’s production of the mood-improving chemicals, serotonin and dopamine. Stress is also known to age the brain and impair memory, but physical activity helps to reduce stress.

Slow down the aging of your brain and take part in some physical activity. There are plenty of options for you, whether you want to work out at home or take part in the activities at Stein Assisted Living or Wilentz Senior Residence. Our residents enjoying participating in our tai chi, yoga and zumba programs, as well as classes with our Exercise Physiologist, here at Wilf Campus.

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