Three Family Members have used Stein Hospice

We have had to call upon your services for three family members now, in the past four and a half years. Each experience we found incredibly comforting, [though it was] during a time that truly was the most painful experiences in our lives.

The care and compassion that exuded from each and every one we met at Stein Hospice was above and beyond our expectations.

We will be forever grateful.



Diane W.

I did not really know what hospice was, I had an idea and then I got to experience the support and it made such a difference in my mother’s life and my life. What impressed me most was the kindness expressed from everyone mom and I encountered. Everything mom needed was provided. In a word – kindness, and full support. Im am so grateful. Thank you.

Mary S.

The Hospice Care was outstanding. Our Nurse was professional, caring and extremely supportive. Her compassion and sensitivity to my mothers situation was a gift to her and our family.

Rose W.

I was very pleased with hospice and the care they provided. I was stressed and was at the nursing home anywhere from 1-3 times a day, hospice helped me get back to a regular routine in my life and I was getting help with caring for my Mom. The home health aides were great and the volunteer that visited her made her happy and smile with treats she loved. I have much respect for the Stein Hospice team.

Linda B.

Stein Hospice was my choice by recommendation. Everyone of the staff was informative, knowledgable and compassionate. The Home Health Aide that stayed with my mother was a true angel. The nurses kept me informed along the different stages before my mother passed away and treated my mother and our family as if we were part of their family. They were all a G-d-send. I was truly blessed to have them in my life at this most difficult time. I am forever grateful to the entire staff.