Hospice was founded as a volunteer effort, and volunteerism remains central to the hospice philosophy. The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice welcomes volunteers who wish to share their time, energy and talents with our NJ hospice patients and their families and to help our NJ hospice team provide the level and quality of compassionate, individualized Jewish hospice care and support that we offer in our central New Jersey hospice service area.

Our NJ hospice volunteers receive training from our staff so that they are prepared to provide patients with knowledgeable, caring companionship and compassionate emotional support. They also assist our professional staff in providing bereavement services to families; offering their skills as nurses, therapists or other health care professionals; and accomplishing a variety of essential office tasks at our NJ location.

Many meaningful volunteer opportunities are available with The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice in central NJ:

  • As companions, volunteers visit patients and families where they live in New Jersey—private residences, assisted living facilities, or long-term care facilities—to offer respite to family members and caregivers. Often a cheerful voice, an hour of conversation, quiet time spent reading or listening to music, or simply holding a hand is very soothing in the course of a long day. Over time, a hospice volunteer and patient may develop a relationship that benefits them both. Patient companions must be mature individuals who are comfortable with the ill and elderly.
  • Bereavement support is done in conjunction with our chaplain and social worker. Writing letters, helping to coordinate memorial services, offering spiritual readings and teaching practical coping techniques—as well as making therapeutic phone calls and visits—are all ways that hospice volunteers help us take care of families for the first 13 months of bereavement after patients have died.
  • Professional and complementary care can be provided to patients, staff and families by hospice volunteers who are already trained as nurses, doctors, aides, massage therapists, aroma therapists or Reiki practitioners, or those who are skilled in other noninvasive therapies. Proof of training and/or professional certification is required.

Volunteers must complete an application and provide references. All volunteers attend an initial three-hour training session in central New Jersey about hospice philosophy, volunteer skills, and the policies and procedures of The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice. Volunteers are considered “employees” of The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice in NJ and must meet all health screening requirements. Patient companions must prove immunity to rubella and rubeola (measles and German measles) and receive annual TB tests.

If you are interested in applying to become a hospice volunteer with The Martin and Edith Stein Hospice in Somerset, NJ, please fill out the application form below:





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